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Icc Blood Queen Lana'thel

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Icc Blood Queen Lana'thel

Mesaj  Koloss la data de Mar Ian 18 2011, 16:59

Since raid damage is fairly high, we went with a setup of 2 tanks, 3 healers and 5 dps. However if you're very confident in your healing abilities, it might be possible to do this fight with 2 healers. Either way, you will need amazing dps, especially if you go with 3 healers.

Throughout the entire encounter your raid will be faced with a debuff called Shroud of Sorrows. This quite simply inflicts 4500 shadow damage to everyone every 2 seconds and cannot be avoided.

Lana'thel has an ability called Vampiric Bite that she'll use 15 seconds into a fight on a random player, infecting them with a debuff called Essence of the Blood Queen, which will increase their damage dealt by 100% and will heal them for 15% of the damage that they do. This only lasts 50 seconds though and unless they bite another person after these 50 seconds are up, they will get mind-controlled by Lana'thel and must be killed.Approximately 4 minutes into the fight people will start getting mind-controlled no matter what you do, so this sets a tight soft enrage timer.

Lana'thel should be tanked where she's standing at the start of the fight, try to leave the middle of the room open. The reason for this is her ability called Pact of the Darkfallen which she uses approximately every 30 seconds. This links 2 players together and deals shadow damage to them and anyone nearby every second until both targets are within 5 yards of each other and the red beam dissipates. Assign a meeting point away from the melee pile to avoid extra damage taken.

The reason you want two tanks for this encounter is her ability called Blood Mirror. This is cast on the main tank and will make your target nearest to the tank take the same damage as the main tank himself, so just have your offtank stack on your main tank to avoid melee deaths.

About every 2 minutes Lana'thel will cast Bloodbolt Whirl. basically she'll fear everyone, fly up into the air and shoot 8k damage Bloodbolts at every raid member for 6 seconds. When this occurs - and it should only be once throughout the encounter - everyone should be at least 6 yards apart from everyone else or you'll take additional damage from your neighbor and will probably die.

Another ability she uses periodically is Swarming Shadows. This works much like Legion Flames on Lord Jaraxxus. You basically poop out a trail of shadow flames wherever you move to for 7 seconds. To minimize damage, it is best to kite this towards the wall. If healing is not an issue, you can also remain stationary through it, but caution is advised.


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