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Icc Blood Prince 10man

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Icc Blood Prince 10man

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Shock Vortex: targets a random raid member, which can include casting it on the tank tanking Valanar, and summons a vortex under them. The vortex will deal damage and knock back anyone inside it. This vortex has a similar graphic to that of a power spark puddle in the malygos encounter.

Shadow Lance: Keleseth's main ability, standard shadowbolt spell, ranged tank preferred.

Conjure Flame: Summons a Flame orb on a random ranged raid member that explodes when it reaches them. Since the raid should be spread out already this can safely be allowed to detonate on the person and just healed up quickly afterward.

Glittering sparks: An ability used by Taldaram. He will turn and randomly cast glittering sparks on the raid. This will deal about 4K damage every 2 seconds but also slow the movement speed of everyone hit by it. It is a magic effect and since it is a cone effect it is easy to predict who it will hit. We had one of our priests assigned to MD that area.

Dark Nucleus: Similar to collapsing stars, these orbs tick out over time. The warlock tank must always be watching how much hp the nucleus has left and be ready to grab new ones, especially during empowered lances.


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